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About Cold Freight Refrigerator Transport LLC.

Refrigerated Trasport Dubai, Chiller Van for Rent, Freezer Truck Rental in Dubai and Sharjah.

In the UAE market, there are a variety of customers with different needs, and as a professional transportation service provider, we have the equipment and vehicles to entertain all of them. We have the best freezer trucks in Dubai.

Our customers’ needs can be broken down into the following categories.

1 – Needs truck with a tail lift (Used to handle the weight of up to 1000 KGs)
2 – Needs vehicle with a partition (Used to carry different goods at the same time)
3 – Needs to deliver chilled and frozen items in the same box (For frozen food)
4 – Needs stand by the vehicle

freezer truck rental dubai

By closely looking at the above requirements, we have modified and upgraded all our vehicles (vans and trucks) accordingly.

If a customer is in need of a light vehicle such as a chiller van in Dubai, we provide our services accordingly.

On the other hand, if the customer demands a bigger vehicle, we have different options for them too. Keeping all the above requirements we modified all our trucks and vans accordingly so that to meet customer needs and wants. Sometimes a customer needs light vehicles like 1-ton vehicle so such requirements.

To avail of our services 24/7, call or WhatsApp us on 0553295004.

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